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Health & Welfare

The Electrical Workers Benefit and Pension Trust Funds IBEW Local 481 (Benefit Plan or Plan) is a valuable benefit provided through the Local Union and Employers. Generally speaking, Employees may participate in the Benefit Plan when they work continuously in employment that is covered under a collective bargaining agreement between their Employer and the IBEW, Local 481.

The Benefit Plan is designed to protect Eligible Persons from financial hardship in case of serious illness or injury. Health care benefits, including major medical coverage, are provided both to the Participant and Eligible Dependents.

The Benefit Plan is self-funded. When Employees work in covered employment, the Employer makes contributions to the Plan on the Employee's behalf, as required by collective bargaining agreements. These contributions are used to pay benefit claims and administer the Plan on the Participant's behalf.

A Board of Trustees, consisting of an equal number of labor and management representatives, is responsible for the financial management and general operation of the Fund. To accomplish these tasks, the Board of Trustees retains the services and advice of various Plan professionals, including certified public accountants, attorneys, and actuaries.

The Trustees strive to maintain and improve the benefits available to Participants and their Eligible Dependents. However, the Trustees do reserve the right to amend the Plan in any way they feel necessary or desirable. Proper notice will be given of any changes in the Plan of Benefits. The Trustees further reserve the right to interpret and apply all provisions of the Plan, including those which relate to eligibility for benefits and the proper payment of benefits.

Please take some time to review the Plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD). If you’re married, share the information with your spouse. The SPD is the most recent printed version, so changes have been made since then. 

The Trustees will continue to keep you advised of any changes in the Plan.  Please be sure that the Benefits Office has your current address at all times.

Please see the list of definitions to help you better understand the Health & Welfare Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Benefits Office at 317-923-4577.

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